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The Woman From

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THE WOMAN FROM MONTEVIDEO is the story of two women from different worlds who share a hidden truth: both are survivors of sexual assault. Moira, who grew up in a pious home in rural Missouri, is tormented by the dark memories of a father who stole her childhood. Lilja’s serene life in Lapland was fractured forever on a long Nordic night, leading her to Uruguay in search of answers. When they meet in an online community for survivors, Moira and Lilja forge an immediate bond. Through a transformative journey of healing, they give voice to their experiences and create a space where they can reclaim the intimacy and trust robbed of them. But soon, their blossoming relationship is put to the test as one finds solace through forgiveness and the other seeks retribution. Is their love strong enough to bridge the gulf between them? Or will their destinies divide Moira and the woman from Montevideo?


THE WOMAN FROM MONTEVIDEO is a poignant and unflinching examination of the unfinished and often unspoken journey from victim to survivor. It unveils the courage and resilience of its characters while adroitly evading the pitfalls of sentimentality and voyeurism. Despite their flaws, the women of the novel emerge heroic—not as conquerors—but by choosing to live a purposeful life that defies the indelible and corrosive forces of violation and memory.   

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The Suicide Switch


What would happen if there was a biological switch in the brain that could turn suicidal behavior on and off?


When psychiatrist Jules Solaris accuses his mentor of cooking the data in their suicide research, he opens the floodgates of an international conspiracy that takes him from the halls of Ivy League medicine to five countries in pursuit of the truth. With his mentor mysteriously exonerated, Jules is sent to work on a clinical trial in Thailand where he encounters the unexpected. In Bangkok, he meets and falls in love with Astrid Källström, an investigative reporter from Stockholm. But explosive revelations from Jules’ earlier years in Thailand working for a nongovernmental organization challenge their bond. A dark web of espionage unfolds as Jules and Astrid learn the reason why global adversaries will stop at nothing to acquire the secrets of the ‘suicide switch.’  Through it all, they risk everything as they peel back layers of deceit and betrayal to expose the pernicious forces operating in the shadows.

Cover design: Dana Ravyn

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Fearless Heart

When investigative journalist Astrid Källström arrives in Minnesota from Sweden for her brother’s wedding, she quickly finds things are not as idyllic as they seem. Astrid must negotiate the minefield of her parents’ separation, thwart her stepfather’s inordinate affection, and bear the emotional machinations of her brother’s insecure fiancée. When a mysterious hit-and-run is linked to her brother’s former girlfriend, Astrid agrees to investigate. She quickly unveils a conspiracy at the highest levels, but nagging uncertainties from changing relationships and a family tragedy lead her to question herself as a reporter, a daughter, and a sister. Forced to face her demons, overcome her fears, and bring her family together, Astrid grows to find her Fearless Heart.

Cover design: Dana Ravyn

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